Paw Paw Rush - Comic Snake Aciton RPG APK

Animal VS Monster Tail Wars

Version1.0.176 (177)
UpdatedOct 10, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Monsters have been attacked in animal kingdom!
Please play the adventures of cute animal heroes.

[Game genre]
- Swipe Action RPG Games
- Indie Games (We are couple developers)

[Game rules]
- Game rules are similar to classic snake games. But there are a few different parts.

[ contents ]
- 10 chapters, 12 heroes, 44 artifacts

[Operation and Playing Method]
The characters move forward automatically.
Slide your finger and change the direction of movement.
It is important to take the opponent's tail.
The boss attacks in his own way.
Find a way to win.

[ Animal Heroes ]
Warrior Dog
- Both attack and defense are balanced.
- In other words, there are no special features. Except for being cute
Archer Rabbit
- Attacks with a bow from afar.
- But I can not see the side.
Sorcerer Cat
- Throw magic beads that cause an explosion.
- I did not do my physical training because I was studying magic.
Soldier Duck
- Attacks quickly with machine guns.
- He is still in the vibration of the machine gun today.
Viking Bear
- Slow Attack and High HP Viking Warrior
- White beard is not due to age.
Sheriff Pig
- Sheriff attacking with a shotgun.
- In fact, the badge on the chest is a child police badge.
Hunter Koala
- Attacks with boomerang.
- But you have to catch the boomerang to throw it again.
Crazy Hamster
- Makes a slow but definite attack on Bazooka.
- If you see it, I am confused who is the villain.
Assassin Cow
- Quick attack with two daggers.
- I cover my eyes but it looks good.
Prist Sheep
- Restores the HP of nearby heroes.
- When using the recovery spell, it attacks the enemy, but it does not help much.
Space jellyfish
- Attacks with laser penetrating enemies.
- But I can not penetrate the rock.
Arcane Rama
- Master of Ice Magic
- He is so great that he does not feel cold even when wearing thin clothes.

What's New

Bug Fixed.

Email: booboogames2017@gmail.com

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