Policy expired? Simply upload a video of your car & renew hassle-free.

PolicyBazaar Inspect App is meant for customers who forgot to renew their car insurance and thus have a break-in in their policy. This mandates an inspection of your car from the insurer side before your policy is renewed. PB-Inspect App lets you renew your Insurance without any 3rd party Inspection.

PB-Inspect app from Policybazar has a very friendly look and user interface with easy navigation while you are capturing the video and upload it yourself. The uploaded video by you will viewed by insurance companies. If approved by insurer, your policy will be renewed without any hassles.
This brings your policy renewal on your fingertips as it saves the time currently involved with surveyor's appointment, inspection, report generation etc.

1. Upload video of your car from a 360 view.
2. Upload photographs of your RC paper and previous policy.
3. Demo video to guide you on how to complete the video and photo upload.

1.The video has to be captured during day light and videos captured in basements or shades(Ex., Tree shades) will not be valid.
2.The RC copy and Previous year policy copy(if applicable) should be captured in the video either at the start or end.
3.360 Degree view of the Vehicle has to be captured in a single video and the vehicle shouldn't go out of focus while the video is being captured.
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-faster upload
-bug fixes
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Version3.3.2 (17)
Updated2019-06-09 (6 months ago)
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