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Sep 23, 2021
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Peaceful Wake-Up APP

Does your loud and aggressive alarm clock make your mornings miserable?
Would you like to wake up relaxed without unnecessary stress? If so, Peaceful Wake-Up is just the app for you!
Instead of screeching alarm you can choose one of the soothing ringtones or just pick your favourite song. The app will slowly increase the volume until you dismiss it. The App is perfect for light-sleepers who don't need screeching, deafening alarm to wake up.

- you can schedule multiple alarms, each with different song or ringtone(or no sound at all), with or without vibration
- you can choose the length of a snooze (5 - 30min)
- if you accidentally leave it somewhere alarm will turn off automatically after 15min (so it won't drain your battery!)
- gradually increasing volume (it can be turned off in settings)
- pleasant layout
- very easy to use

"Peaceful Wake-Up - Gentle Alarm Clock - Calm & Soft" is completely free. All functions are available straight after download.
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