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Pedometer - steps and calorie counter for health APK

Count your steps and stay fit with this pedometer with calorie counter.

Version5.0 (15)
UpdatedJan 05, 2021 (4 months ago)
Developerapps 4 life
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What is a pedometer?
A pedometer or pedometer is normally a device that counts the number of steps taken by the person wearing it. It thus gives an indication of physical activity and an indication of the distance traveled by the wearer. To stay fit and work on your health, this is now available on your mobile phone. The app for walking and running

Why is exercise important for your health?
To stay in shape and healthy, it is important that you get enough exercise every day. Walking or running is a good way to train. The goal of this pedometer with calorie counter is to help you take at least 10,000 steps every day. So start running and burning calories today and use this app for your health.

Extensive graphs
In the graphs you can see your steps taken, walked distance and calories. Follow the progress per hour, day, week or month and see if you are healthy.

Low battery consumption
By using the built-in sensors in your phone it can count your steps. It is therefore not necessary to use GPS. This makes the battery consumption very low. So it is a good app for walking and running. You can also use this app if you want to walk longer distances.

Set up the app well in advance.
The average step length must be entered for the conversion from steps to meters. The step length differs per person. So take a moment to adjust the settings. Set the step length, gender and weight to get the best results. This way you can create a personal training schedule for, for example, walking or running.

Features of this application:
● This pedometer shows the number of steps, speed and the distance you have walked.
● The calorie counter counts the amount of calories burned during exercise.
● This is an app with different modes for walking and running.
● You can easily share your progress with your friends and family.
● The overview contains a detailed summary of your activities.
● The pedometer operates in the background with low battery consumption.
● The units are customizable (kilometers / miles, calories / joules).
● A motivation alert is included to keep you motivated.
● Low battery consumption.

Announcement from the developer
Thank you for downloading this free app. This app for walking and running is free because we want to contribute to your health. This app for walking and running will also always remain free. We care about your involvement with this app, so feedback and questions are welcome and will always be answered.


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