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Only put it on the top; a count, pedometer application

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UpdatedNov 11, 2015 (5 years ago)
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It is the pedometer application of the we jet type to place it on the top of the smartphone, and to use.
With the acceleration sensor which a terminal has built-in, I count the steps of the day by a unit for 30 minutes.

In addition, I match it with each personal figure by setting the height of the user, the weight, a step calculated value with a maintenance screen and can adjust calories-out per one step and, from a result graph screen, I used a calorie how much on that day or can confirm it.
It is how to use as follows.
[indication on the we jet screen]
The we jet that steps and calories-out were displayed comes to be displayed when I set applicable application at a top screen.
[indication such as menu screens]
It changes to a menu screen of the android application when I tap a number part of the we jet.
(I may not react even if I sometimes tap ※, but seem to recover when I reboot a terminal, please try it.)
・Menu 1: It is a screen confirming the contents of steps added up every "time" (30 minutes) on the →" moon identifying a graph, "a day".
For each → count domain, calories-out is displayed by a deficit steps below by the top.
The distribution situation of more detailed steps is developed and is displayed when I tap each → count domain.
・It is maintenance menu 2
I set various parameters in the → steps count, the height weight of the user.
The steps data of the period when I became needless than the button in the → bedrock are deletable.
・Menu 3: I start the HP of the → outside site "E toss Mart" state calculating a calorie than a browser.
・Menu 4: I close → menu closing a menu.
This application does not teach you the malicious programs.
However, I am sorry, but approve it because it cannot be possible for any security even if any problem happened in the terminal of the visitor by this application by any chance.
Please come to my site to play if you like because you will introduce public planned application or other various things in future.
Credits for icons that you can use within this application are as follows.
©︎ free vector graphics

Email: ruhakataika@yahoo.co.jp

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