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Help the Pengbears catch fish by drawing ice out for them to slide on. Free app!

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UpdatedMar 01, 2014 (7 years ago)
DeveloperKelson Consulting AS
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Polar bears in penguin suits - Pengbears!

Play this amazing new game where you have you draw icy slopes that the Pengbears will use to slide on to get catch fish faster!

- Outstanding user reviews!
- Unlimited amount of fun!
- Lay ice for the polar bear (in a penguin suit) to slide on by dragging your finger
- Flap arround by tapping in the direction you want to fly towards
- Catch fish by sliding on ice and flapping around!
- Unique game-play!
- Easy to learn, hard to master!
- Free and fully featured!
- Suitable for all ages!

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The main purpose of the game is to catch fish. You start the game by firing the polar bear (in a penguin suit) from a cannon (to get things speeded up a little). As the polar bear (in a penguin suit!) is in the air there are two ways you can affect it's direction.

1) Tap somewhere around the polar bear to make it flap it's wings (comes with the penguin suit) so that it will fly towards the point that you tapped at. Take into consideration the direction the polar bear is already going into, it might require more rapid tapping to get it to actually change direction if it's already going into another direction. We know polar bears nor penguins can fly, but this suit is pretty neat.

2) Drag your finger along the screen to lay an ice slope. This ice slope can be used by the polar bear to slide on. The curve of the slope will affect the direction of the polar bear. For example, if you make a U-shaped curve under the polar bear (in a penguin suit) it would follow the curve down on the left side and come back up on the rigth side, like a skateboard ramp. Ice can also be used for blocking or simply just making platforms. The ice will melt within few seconds.

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