Pepe Scream APK

Scream in real life to play as Pepe! Collect all the rare Pepes! Voice control!

Version1.2 (3)
UpdatedJun 11, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperSpirit Realm Games
CategoryGames, Arcade

Introducing Pepe Scream, a new voice controlled game where you scream in real life to control Pepe the Frog. Control the Pepe frog to dodge the obstacles, and collect as many chicken tendies as you can. Use the good boy points from your tendies to buy and unlock more rare Pepes. Witness a true display of MLG quickscoping explosion action when you encounter the red pipes up close.

Featured on VICE June 9, 2017: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/pepe-is-banned-from-the-apple-app-store

FeelsBadMan? More like FeelsGoodMan. Pepe Scream comes with more than 25 unique unlockable, original, never before seen RARE PEPES. These dank Pepe the Frog memes include:
1. Pepe Pepe. The classic smug and screaming Pepe.
2. Sunglasses Pepe. The coolest Pepe
3. Mustache Pepe. An artistic, classy Pepe with groomed facial hair and a beret.
4. Helicopter Hat Pepe. Pepe with a standard rainbow helicopter beanie.
5. Birthday Pepe. Pepe with a birthday hat.
6. Top Hat Pepe. A classy Pepe.
7. Cat Ear Pepe. The neko Pepe.
8. Car Pepe. This is literally a green car that shakes on the screen when you scream. Close enough.
9. Construction Pepe. Safety first!
10. Afro Pepe. Bringing back the 'fro.
11. Australian Pepe. From down under.
12. Fedora Pepe. A tip for you, m'lady.
13. VR Pepe. A modern virtual reality Pepe.
14. Battle Pepe. The Ace of Spades battle worn soldier Pepe.
15. Demon Pepe. D E V I L I S H
16. Neckbeard Pepe. Greasy, unshaven, and glorious.
17. Soviet Pepe. Proletariat frogs unite!
18. Santa Pepe. For the Christmas spirit.
19. Pretty Pepe. Cute princess frog.
20. Pirate Pepe. Arrrr.
21. Bowtie Pepe. Classy and clean.
22. Invisible Pepe. Call him a certain wrestler/rapper, 'cause he can't be seen.
23. Angel Pepe. Divine.
24. Roman Pepe. SPQR.
25. Glitch Pepe. An ULTRA RARE PEPE. It might even break the game.
26. The GOLDEN PEPE, the rarest pepe of them all. You need 1,000 delicious tendies to unlock!

You can yell “normies get out” and be rewarded with yummy tendies. Find the true Pepe meaning and discover what is Pepe the Frog. Help Pepe trump the red pipe obstacles by screaming in the best frog simulator on the app store. Who is Pepe the Frog, you might ask? After playing this game, providing the voice for Pepe the Frog crying out “normies get out reEE”, and helping Pepe face the dangers of the Red Pipes, you will know. Pepe Scream, Pepe REEE.

One Pepe, two Pepe.
Sad Pepe, smug Pepe.
Trump Pepe, racist Pepe.
Angry Pepe, dank Pepe.
Jumping frog angry frog.
The princess and the frog.
Pepe the Frog is the plan
Pepe the Frog, Feels Good Man.

What's New

-Full voice control! Scream to go up in this new voice controlled game.
-Play as Pepe the Frog!
-Avoid the red pipe obstacles. Touching the ceiling and floor is okay.
-Collect as many chicken tendies as you can!
-More than 25 unlockable dank rare Pepes!

Email: email spiritrealmgames@gmail.com

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