Pepperminty Wiki Client APK

The open-source Android client for Pepperminty Wiki - a wiki in a box.

Version0.3.3 (7)
UpdatedOct 12, 2019 (8 months ago)
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The open-source Android Client for [Pepperminty Wiki](https://github.com/sbrl/Pepperminty-Wiki/).

*** NOTE: This is not a wiki! It's a client for one or more existing Pepperminty Wiki instances. ***
*** ANOTHER NOTE: This is _highly experiemental_. It does NOT support editing at the moment - only viewing. ***

Currently a work-in-progress, it supports the following features:

• Add one or more wikis - including wikis that require logging in
• View and dynamically filter a list of pages on a wiki
• View the recent changes on a wiki
• View pages on a wiki - including embedded images / videos / audio etc.
• Utilises the app's cache directory to save downloaded page lists / pages for offline viewing to save data
• A Settings screen allows you to control the image loading behaviour, and clear the cache directly (as well as in the Android system settings)

Permissions overview:
• Internet: To interface with remote Pepperminty Wiki instances
• View WiFi Connections: To make the "only over WiFi" image loading option work

Things still to come (all of which can already be done via the web interface, but can't through this app yet):
• Page editing
• Access to page revision history
• Comment viewing
• Tag support
• Viewing a wiki's help page
• File upload and preview
• Statistics viewing
• Neatening up the interface & adding polish
• Full-text (server-side) search support

Check out the app on GitHub:
• Pepperminty Wiki Android Client: https://github.com/sbrl/Pepperminty-Wiki-Client-Android
• Pepperminty Wiki: https://github.com/sbrl/Pepperminty-Wiki

Email: feedback@starbeamrainbowlabs.com

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