It's a remote control that can operate Pepper from smartphone or tablet!

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It is a Pepper that you can talk and move happily, you can make friends, but there are times when you can do a little more like this.For example, I want to make free correspondence when tape cutting or event. In addition to running the Pepper application, I want to adapt it according to the surroundings. It is an application that assists such Pepper. You can remotely control Pepper from a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.
<< Introduction >>
First of all, please register Pepper's IP address (press chest button) on the setting screen.
*note* Enter the IP address with a number and a period. Example "". The IP address may change. Please check the IP address of Pepper if you think you can not connect.
When you set it to the remote control screen, it will automatically be connected to Pepper.
<< How to use >>

Switch ON / OFF of Pepper's autonomous movement. Even if you press the move button, for example, it may not move if you are in face-to-face authentication with auto- nomous life. I will use it at such time.
*note* Switching may take some time. If it does not switch well, please turn on / off again slowly.

Displays the image the Pepper is looking at. It can also be saved as an image on a smartphone.

Pepper talks about input and also the selected dialogue. Volume adjustment is also possible.

Pepper can move it. It is necessary to disconnect the charging cable and close the connector beforehand. Also, when auto-nomus life is in operation, there will be priority, there are times when you can not move.

Pepper can make various movements. This is also possible while charging.

<< Note >>
· It may not work on the latest smartphone (arm 64 bit architecture).
· Shooting will end once you change the screen direction of the smartphone or activate another application.
· (Speaking list) Up to 2000 words can be registered in one line.
· The port number of the setting is for the developer. Normally you do not need to change it.
· We are checking the operation on the same Wifi, but if the network is communicating, operation via the Internet should be possible.

<< Restriction of free version >>
· The number of frames for shooting is slow (about 2 frames / second)
· You can register up to five lines in speaking list.
· Advertisement will be displayed.

<< Others >>
I hope that Pepper's scene of activity will increase!
This application was created by the author personally as a hobby.
In actual machine testing, I used Pepper from my company (Atika Corporation). Thank you very much.
When remotely controlling Pepper, please pay attention to surrounding environment. Even if there is disadvantage (some kind of damage, unexpected movement, etc.) using this application, we can not take responsibility.

PepperRC (this application) corresponds to Pepper Y20(Pepper) of SOFTBANK ROBOTTICS CORPORATION.
"Pepper" is a trademark and registered trademark of SOFTBANK Group.

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