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Compare personal loans possibilities! Submit a request for long term loans!

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Looking for personal loans?

You’re in luck – the Personal Loans app provides comparison between various lenders! The process is simple: choose one or more lenders that suit your needs, fill in the loan amount you’re interested in as well any wishes for credit cards, and submit your request for long term loans. The lender will review your submission and if you fit the criteria, you could be eligible for a loan! The lenders we display on the app provide loans for almost any credit score. Try for yourself!

No lender on the app provides short term loans. The maximum APR is 35.99% and minimum repayment term is 90 days. The app and its owners are not lenders and do not provide loans, receive loan applications or make any credit decisions. We do not control the actions and decisions made by the lenders we work with. Our service is to connect users to one or more of the licensed brokers/lenders with whom we work, who can receive loan applications. Submitting a request does not ensure you’ll get a loan, and lenders reserve the right to decide on a per-application basis. Loans that are approved will be subject to the terms of the lender that provides the loan. Loan requests may impose a credit check. We might receive a commission for referring you to a lender. Personal loans and loans in general are not intended as long term financial solutions.

Simulated rates:
Borrowers in the US can borrow $500-$100,000, for 6-84 months and with APRs 5%-35.99%. If you receive a loan of $25,000 for 4 years, with an APR of 6%, you’ll pay $587.13 every month, for a total payment of $28,182.03 over 48 months.
Borrowers in India can borrow 500 INR-40 Lakh INR, with APRs ranging 13-130%, and loan periods of 6-36 months. If you borrow 30,000 INR for 24 months with an APR of 15%, you’ll pay 1,454.60 every month for a total of 34,910.39 over 24 payments.

Our benefits

Using the Personal Loans app can help you improve your chances of being approved for a long term loan by one or more lenders. Bad credit loans are not unheard of either – you can submit applications for any lender who’ll accept you, and thanks to the comparison features of our app, you’ll have plenty of lenders to browse and consider. A great advantage of trying to get online payday loans is that they are convenient, and you have access to application submission from the comfort of your home.
Another great benefit of using the app is that it’s available 24/7 – unlike a traditional loan service or other lender connection apps, our app is totally online (though some lenders may contact you offline) which means you can compare rates and submit loan requests no matter what time it is or where you are.

Give it a try!

Simply download the personal loans app and see for yourself what credit cards and lenders are out there. Once you’re done browsing options, you can continue through the app and connect to one or more lenders, and try getting loans online by filling in a request. Try it out and see the ease of use for yourself!

What's New

+ Available anytime
+ View various lenders and connect with as many as you like
+ Some lenders are willing to consider bad credit loan requests
+ Personal loan options with competitive rates


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