Pet Link: Free Match 3 Games APK

Play Free and Earn Coins for every Level you Beat in this Cute Link Match 3 Game

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UpdatedOct 08, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperTwopro Games
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Tired of match 3 games that are pay to win? You won’t have to worry about that in Pet Link! It’s the best line link match 3 game you’ll ever play with 100 levels of super cute pets.

Welcome to this Pet Adventure, one of the best free pet match 3 games you'll ever play! Download it right now to step into this land full of cute pets. The dogs, cats, frogs, monkeys and birds are waiting for you! Start this journey of fun linking 3 or more cute pets in every direction to pop them.

You’ll be popping the cute animals in new cool ways by linking as many pets as possible. Match as many of the same animals as you can to get bigger scores and be the highest on the leaderboard among your friends. The puzzles will get harder as you go through the 100 levels.

How to Play:
Touch and drag your finger through as many of the same animal as you can link together and release to pop them. Match them in any direction as long as they are close enough to connect the line. You have a limit to the number of moves or time to clear each level in this casual pet game, so be quick but not reckless. Sometimes it is better to predict where an animal will be next to make sure you break the chocolate squares or ice block.

Quick Tips:
- Link 3+ pets to pop them
- Link 6, 12 or 18 to create a vertical or horizontal charge (if you link 12 you get 2 charges)
- The horizontal or vertical blast is highlighted in the background so you can choose where it goes off based on the last animal you link
- Watching a video gives you a second opportunity to beat the stage you fail
- Ever level you pass gives you a coin
- Watch out for the Pet Cages, get rid of them quick or they will trap all the pets and take over the board
- The number on the ice block is the amount of pets you have to link to break it

Reasons to Play:
- 100 puzzles to solve and more on the way
- More fun and challenging levels being added
- Fun casual game to kill time with
- Easy to learn but hard to master the game board
- Amazing graphics featuring cute pets
- Earn coins by watching videos and beating levels to buy lives and power ups
- Fast paced classic link match 3 games

If you love animals and enjoy casual puzzle games then you will love free pet match 3 games like this one. It is a great way to have fun in your spare time. Download Pet Link now!

Email: twopro.productions@gmail.com

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