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AppspetaPasswords APK
Developerbmssoftware /
Version10.0 (10)
UpdatedAug 23, 2019 (7 months ago)
Release dateMay 02, 2019 (11 months ago)

Blockchain Database. Store all you passwords in a Wallet

Blockchain Database. Store all you passwords or classified info on the blockchain. All info is signed and encrypted - no one except the user with the password private key have access. In one key (or database) you can have multiple entries with private information. Many keys or wallets or databases can be open.

The Blockchain Database can be considered as a breakthrough of the century. The breakthrough of the century is not the blockchain bitcoin. Why? Because Bitcoin only wants to address and capitalize on the currency. But the Blockchain Database addresses the base of computing software.

The Blockchain Database has all the security of the blockchain technology which is transaction signing, the blockchain hashing and decentralization. But the Blockchain Database also adds and includes encryption. The blockchain technology with encryption in the Blockchain Database becomes like the secure storage for the database or like the secure backend network data file system. All the database information (keys and data) are stored on the blockchain so that any information about the database can be restored from the blockchain. Any entry in the Blockchain Database is a signed transaction to ensure ownership added with the encrypted data. Any record of the database becomes a transaction on the blockchain. The Blockchain Database speed compares to that of commercial databases - because of the high write speed of the pyramid decentralized consensus, and also because of the local node’s read access. Therefore, the local read access of the Blockchain Database compares exactly to that of a normal database and because of the scaling solution so mainly also the write speed. The only added difference is that the Blockchain Database have for the first time the security and ownership of the blockchain technology.

Normal commercially available databases like MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and others have not primarily catered for security and surely have also not catered for decentralization and ownership.

This propose three problems with current major databases:

1. Ownership: the ownership of data has been obscured in the design of these commercial databases. Therefore, big cooperates like Facebook and Google, banks and governments have taken advantage of users’ data without their proper consent or permission. Users are the creators or owners of their data. The ownership was disregarded in the setup of these databases which has given big institutions a way to control and misuse the user data. The signing of each transaction on the blockchain gives back ownership to the user – so that only the user can determine what happen with its data without any possible interference of a third party.
2. Security: security was not considered in the foundation build of these commercial databases. So, hacking by inside engineers and modern technology has become an undefeatable problem for sensitive user data kept by banks and cooperates. The blockchain hashing and end-to-end encryption of user data in the design of the Blockchain Database solves this problem once and for all.
3. Decentralization: these commercial databases are in their setup centralized normally deployed on one major server. Half baked backup solutions at best are proposed and implemented. And the failure of the one major server could delay access to the user data easily for a day. The pyramid decentralized consensus algorithm of the Blockchain Database ensures live backups with multiple copies and data access globally.

Now, for the first time because of the rise of the blockchain technology which introduce unbreakable security - the Blockchain Database becomes the solution for protection of most of the computer data information. And the Blockchain Database with its easily implemented API can be added to the range of commercial databases as a choice selection option for a developer application.

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