Analyze the adverse drug reaction using 5 scales with only 16 questions

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Assessment of Adverse drug reaction (ADR) is a tedious process. Complete analysis involves defining the ADR based on different scales, which is time consuming and often very confusing. To simplify the process we have designed this app. It incorporates 5 ADR assessment scales. 1) WHO- UMC Causality assessment scale, 2) Naranjo’s Causality assessment scale, 3) CIOMS Predictability scale, 4) Hartwing’s Severity scale and 5)Modified Schumock and Thronton’s Preventability scale. It has decreased the assessment question from more than 56 to just 16, resulting in shortening the time duration to complete the assessment.
The app would be a boon to the medical and paramedical staff working in the field of Pharmacovigilance. It would also serve as a much needed digital intervention (along with our first app- ADR Reporter©) to streamline the process of ADR reporting and analysis.

Latest Version

Pharmvigill- ADR Analyzer 1.0

Updated: 2016-10-15 (3 years ago)