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1.0.1 · Jun 11, 2021

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Version1.0.1 (2)
UpdatedJun 11, 2021
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Get basic PhoMa health knowledge in Myanmar.

Get basic health knowlodge in Myanmar.
- Do not see children under 18 years old
- Contemporary sex education
- Do not start the world
- Gender X-Y a
- Adolescence
- About Adolescents
- Things to know before getting married
- The girl who seduced
- When a young man falls in love, he becomes addicted
- Pre-booked
- I want my daughter to be a virgin
- Relationship between husband and wife
- Where does the sperm come from?
- Family Health Plan
- Contraception
- How to know if you are pregnant
- Things to know about pregnant women
- How the stages of the fetus change
- Thoughts of pregnant women Feelings and Mental Illness
- Relationships and support of mother and father before childbirth
- Things to know for non-first-time pregnant women
- Maternal and child nutrition
- Problems that pregnant women may experience during pregnancy
- Pregnancy and life-threatening risks
- Prevent pregnancy-related complications
- Pregnancy Breast Care
- Birth time
- About a mother who has just given birth
- Women are white because of men
- Sex Questions and Answers


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