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NamePhone Clone APK
Version1.6.7 (67)
UpdatedSep 17, 2021
DeveloperCodek Apps
CategoryApps, Tools

Phone Clone - Smart Phone Clone Old To New Phone app

Switching phone and Share the things you want to share to other Mobile.

Where buying a new phone is a great feel but the other side is a very crucial task to transfer files to the new device. It will be a laborious thing to do it manually so here is the solution to this problem and that is the Phone Clone app. When you switch phone, data moving from older to new phone seems to be very difficult but now with phone clone you don't have to worry about it, data moving is very easy and secure from your old to your new phone.

Share data with Phone clone in no time. Phone Clone is a conducive data migration application for all android mobile phones to transfer data from one phone to another phone. Complete the moving of old phone, use the cloning app for sharing images, videos, Documents files and all media files. There will be no need for any cable or any wire to send data from one to another phone. A perfect phone cloner to share data between two devices. Switch mobile transfer cloner that clone device for you. Phone switch app for cloning app to transfer apps. Transfer videos, transfer images, transfer apps and document. Clone app solves all your problems of copying data.
Clone your old phone data in your new phone. Moving data was never this easy. Nobody have thought of sharing and moving data at this ease. Now just move your data regardless of any type. This phone cloner has a special feature for you that spaces of files in old phone will be the same in new phone.

Kind Of Things You Will Transfer
Contacts, Pictures, Videos, System settings, Documents, Mobile applications (installed in your phone), E-mails, Calendar, Bookmarks, etc.

Thinking Of Secrecy of data?
Do not worry about leaking your data it is a highly secure application specially focused on security.

✔ Smart Switch your mobile to another mobile
✔ Capability of sending files without any Fear of mobile company as our Phone Clone application is for any type of mobile to transfer data.
✔ It lets you Customize where to move your incoming data. You can set preferred files folder in settings.
✔ Transfer data of any kind and of any size whether you are offline or online.
✔ Clone Phone provide secure sharing of data transfer from your one phone to your other.
✔ Cloning phone is better with user friendly UI for data shifting from your old to your new phone.

Fastest And Easy
This app is excessively fast to clone and extremely easy to use.
There is no need for any mobile internet or any Wi-Fi connection.
Smart Switch files from old to new phone.

Permissions will you need to allow
Storage: To read your files and transfer
Location: For peer to the peer device
Contacts: To transfer contacts you if want
Calendar: To send calendar data
Wi-Fi: For make direct connection in both devices

Make sure that both mobile phone has installed the Phone clone app. Then run the application and follow these steps are given below.
1. Turn on the Wi-Fi icon ON but it will not use your Wi-Fi Data and no need to connect to any Wi-Fi connection.
2. Choose Old on Old phone and New in new phone
3. Connect as guided
4. Choose files you want to clone
5. Check the calculated size of the files
6. Now press the send button

This Cloner is designed beautifully with amazing graphics. So this is the easiest Phone Clone application install it and clone it just with My phone clone application.

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