Phoneme Converter Pro APK

Convert between IPA, ASCII-IPA, X-SAMPA and CXS phonetic transcription schemes.

Version2.0 (2)
UpdatedMar 20, 2014 (7 years ago)
DeveloperCainteoir Technologies
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Phoneme Converter Pro allows you to convert between the following transcription schemes:

◆ International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA);
◆ ASCII-IPA (also known as Kirshenbaum);
◆ Conlang X-SAMPA (CXS) [1];
◆ SAMPA for English.

1. The bracket tie-bar notation is not currently supported.

## Features ##

◆ Converts phonemes as you type.
◆ Full IPA 2005 support, including intonation and tones.
◆ Copy the converted phonemes to the device's clipboard.
◆ Send the converted phonemes to the Messaging app or any other app that supports receiving shared text.
◆ Import phonemes from the external storage (SD Card).
◆ Export phonemes to the external storage (SD Card).

## Permissions ##

The WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permision is used to provide the Export Phonemes functionality.

## Differences To Phoneme Converter ##

◆ Phoneme Converter only supports the IPA, ASCII-IPA and SAMPA for English transcription schemes.
◆ You can import phonemes from external storage.
◆ You can export phonemes to external storage.

What's New


◆ Reworked the conversion logic to provide better fidelity and full IPA support.
◆ Improved the layout on HDPI and tablet devices.
◆ Support transcription bracket styles.

Email: msclrhd@googlemail.com

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