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NamePhotoFit Me APK
Version1.1 (10)
UpdatedFeb 18, 2016
DeveloperThe Open University
CategoryApps, Education

PhotoFit Me App

Would you be a good eyewitness? Find out with this free app.

Would you be a good eyewitness?

Now’s your chance to find out with this free app from The Open University.

Create a PhotoFit of yourself, your friends or take our celebrity challenge and re-create the face of a famous person. You can share your Photofit with friends and view it in the gallery.

Scroll through the choices of eyes, noses, mouths, hair, jaws and even facial hair and spectacles, then using simple sliders you can even reshape each feature to make them wider, higher and adjust their position on the face as well as change the skintone.

By seeing how tricky it is to create an accurate PhotoFit, piecing together the face like a jigsaw, you’ll appreciate why The Open University has helped the police to develop a new system to describe suspects. This innovative approach uses the whole of the face reflecting the way our brains work – making it easier to recall individual faces.

Want to learn more? The Open University’s ‘Introducing the Social Sciences course’ is a great place to start. It’s an ideal introduction to psychology, social policy, criminology and other fascinating areas.
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