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□■□ Like a digital photo frame □■□ Making an album from photos and music.

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UpdatedJun 21, 2016 (4 years ago)
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□■□ Easy, Light, Convenient ! □■□
Making slideshow such as a memorial photo album or photo frame. 【Free】and 【Unlimited】number of items, you can make many stories as you want. So it is possible to make a long story. Just like a digital photo frame, you can combine images (picture, illustration, CG, etc) and sounds (voices, music, etc) together and create a visual art. As you look at the work you have done, it will be close to home movies.

□■□ Features □■□
* Free and Unlimited
Free of charge. Make your stories as much as you want. Stories, images and sounds can be added limitlessly, as long as capacity allows. You can fully enjoy slideshow.
* User registration is NOT required
You can use immediately after download.
* Tablet support
Smart device, also tablet is supported. It show impressive High-quality image on fullscreen.
* Hands-free, it’s happy watching
If your device is attached to the stand holder and you start playing, you can appreciate hands-free while relaxing.
* Upgrade
Upgrade is available at an additional cost. When you upgrade, you will be free from Ads. So it is good for commercial use.

□■□ Use case □■□
[ Private life ]
* for Memorial photo album
Let’s create a photo album, such as classbook, Graduation album, Entrance or Coming-of-age ceremony, wedding or baby gifts, birthday celebration.
* for Event
On the day of New Year, Golden Week, Summer vacation or Christmas, you will record the seasonal events in the photograph. Let’s firmly record memories. Yes, this app help you.
* for Travel, Camp, Club activities
Extraordinary experience, this is a treasure trove of valuable photo opportunities indeed. Making a long story from Travel or Adventure photos, it will lead to the discovery and surprise.

[ Decor ]
* for Healing, Relaxing
Slideshow with scenery images and easy listening music. Your room will be more comfortable. Natural, pet or animal photos are also suitable.

[ Hobby ]
* for Original mind
A original story like a music video from items of your favorite artists or idol. Enjoy the different taste that official works don’t have.

[ Art ]
* for a work of art
Making a slideshow of all movie genres. For example, romance, comedy, SF, action, musical, horror, fantasy, sports, history, nature, so many genres. Of course, their quality is along with materials. Do your work will be in what genre? Finished work rely on skills of a director "you". Please by all means try to challenge.

[ Business ]
In order to describe some goods and services, or make the public relations activities. Once you have firmly even management of the terminal, such as anti-theft, it will be useful for promotional activities that are unmanned and efficiency.

* As a product catalog
and service assistance, you can also create a commercial one. It is available as a display ad in the shop and exhibitions. Sufficient effect can be expected scene in this way will not uncommon.

* Presentation
As explanatory material for the project and planning, or a substitute for the guide book, such as brochures, a part in more efficient business promotion.

* Company Profile
Your company’s message to the many visitors. As portfolio for business meetings and job fairs. When to use, how to use, you should find you in the other.

□■□Main Functions□■□
1. Main list of your works

2. Full screen slideshow
Landscape and Portrait screen support.
Playback, pause, previous, next, stop, viewing manually action.

3. Editing story
Adding Title, images and sounds. Deleting, Reordering enable.

4. Settings
Adjustment of image scale, interval time. Repetition of playback.

5. Other
For more information, please check the Help in app.

□■□ Operating Conditions □■□
* Network connection, Wi-Fi etc.
* OS: Android4.2.2 or later.

□■□ Checked device □■□
docomo Tablet ARROWS F02F / SmartDevice Xperia A2 SO-04F
au SmartDevice URBANO L02 / Samsung GALAXY S5 SCL23
SoftBank SmartDevice AQUOS PHONE Xx mini 303SH / Sony Xperia Z3

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performance and internal specification improvement

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