This app contains Physics Formulas in Hindi . Useful for 11th , 12th Students


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Oct 29, 2019

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Physics Formulas in Hindi APP

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Language : Hindi

First time Physics formula and equations is provided in Hindi language.

In this App we tried to consolidate all Physics Formulas and equation required for Intermediate Student .
It covers all the aspects of Mechanics , Thermal Physics, Electrostatics and current electricity , magnetism ,Ray Optics, Wave optics and Modern Physics.
This App is Extremely Useful for the students studying in Class 11 and 12 also for those who preparing for the competitive exam like JEE main , JEE Advance , BITSAT , UPTU , VITEEE ,NEET PMT ,CBSE PMT , AIIMS , AFMC ,CPMT and all other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam.
This app is also Very useful for the teachers teching IIT physics or 11th 12th physics.

Simple Interface : easily navigate to any topic.
Beautifully Designed for Tablets
Physics Formulas and equations arranged in most useful way.
Great app for Quick Revision

Please email us at "" to add any new formulas or suggestions or topics.

The App covers topics

- Error Measurement and Dimension
- Vectors
- Motion in Straight Line and Projectile
- Newton's Law of Motion and Friction
- Circular Motion
- Work Energy and Power
- Center of mass
- Rotational Motion , Rigid Body Dynamics
- Gravitation , Escape Velocity
- Periodic Motion , Simple Harmonic Motion
- Fluid Mechanics
- Some Mechanical properties of matter
- Kinetic theory of gases
- Calorimetry and thermal expansion of solid
- Thermodynamics , Isothermal and adiabatic process
- Heat conduction
- Wave motion
- Stationary wave
- Interference and young double slit experiment
- Beats and Doppler's effect
- Reflection of Light
- Lens
- Snell's law and prism
- Dispersion and , telescope ,microscope
- Electrostatic
- Gauss law
- Capacitor
- Current electricity
- Magnetism
- Magnetic Dipole
- Electromagnetic Induction
- Alternating Current
- Bohr model for hydrogen atom
- Radio Activity
- Transistor and Logic gates

Physics Formula in Hindi - a must have app for your smartphones and tablets.

The app is continuously updated with latest details and added with new topics frequently.
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