Do you really like song Dame Tu Cosita !

Do you really like song Dame Tu Cosita !
There is a song Dame Tu Cosita in this piano game. You can play the piano from the songs here, as well as to entertain yourself and the people around you, enjoy piano music from songs, calm down, and train your finger speed in this piano tile game.
Piano Lady Tu Cosita Tiles is always among the first as it is simple, demanding and exciting.

Do not tap the white tiles! Click on the black tiles according to the melody. Concentrate and improve your reaction!
With an attractive and interactive view so you do not feel bored in playing. The higher the level of the game makes you challenged, do not let you lose, tap the black tiles and do not let any black tiles missed. After you tap the black tile!
And can tap the black tiles repeatedly to follow the tone of the song.

Feature :

* Simple graphics to understand. Everyone can play the piano!
* Breathtaking fast pace and you defy the speed limit! 3. Challenge mode at the top, risk and surprise await you.
* Share the record with your friends and fight the world players in the ranking list!
* High quality sound takes you to the real concert.
* More challenges, more bonuses, and more satisfactions.
* More albums and songs of various styles.
* Enjoy a brand-new level of sound quality.
* Beautiful piano accompanied by gorgeous interface effects.

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enjoy play Havana Magic Piano Tiles 2018 with your freinds, as you kno that pink color is the favorite color for girls !
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Happy playing and thank you.Have fun!
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