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Sep 1, 2021

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PIB Guaianases APP

Hello welcome! Download the APP Now official of the First Baptist Church in Guaianases
The APP allows the relationship between the Church and its members or visitors.
Through the App you can perform various activities to relate to your Church, such as:

📑 Complete management of Small Groups/Cells, Discipleship, Ministries;
🔎 Find a Pg/Cell near your home. And, if you already participate in a PG/Cell, perfect! You will be able to do the complete management of your group;
✅ Nominate new participants;
✅ Make the Participant's attendance record and fill in the meeting report;
✅ Check the address of the next meeting;
✅ Send notifications to attendees.
🗓️ You can also organize events of all kinds, such as: Bible Schools, Camps and Training courses;
💬 Through the Message Board you will be able to stay on top of all the news of the Church and also communicate with other people.

✏️ In the My Profile item it is possible to update your registration data at the Church;
🎶 Contents (Audio/Video): Allows you to view and listen to Church contents available on the App;
🙏🏼 Make Prayer Requests, Visits and more;
⛪ Agenda: View a complete calendar of Services, Events, their Scale in Ministries/Departments of the Church;
📚 Are you doing discipleship? Here you can view the meetings and have greater control of your discipleship.

Install our Official App now for full access to all features. It's great to have you here with us! 😃
God blesses
First Baptist Church in Guaianases
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