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Take the soothing sounds of Pink Noise everywhere!

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UpdatedOct 27, 2015 (5 years ago)
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THE ONLY APP DEDICATED SPECIFICALLY TO PINK NOISE! Finally there is an app made solely for Pink noise and for those that love the sound of Pink noise. Pink Noise features 12 variations of the popular noise so you can find the sound that is right for you. Pink Noise takes the sound of Pink noise and changes the pitch resulting in 12 different Pink noise sounds. With Pink Noise there is a sound you are sure to love! Take Pink noise anywhere in the palm of your hand with the Pink Noise app. Relax and chill out everywhere with your favorite sound!

Are you looking for a sound machine but tired of always finding nothing more than a white noise maker? Our Pink Noise app is the only app made for Pink noise and is the only Pink noise generator to provide you with 12 different Pink noise sounds so you can find the one that best fits your needs. Pink noise is your white noise machine, except with only Pink noise! We took the sound of Pink noise and increased or decreased the pitch to give you 12 different Pink noise sounds! If you always wanted a white noise generator that only gave you Pink noise then our Pink Noise generator app is just for you!

Pink Noise provides you with your own customized sleep machine with the largest variety of Pink noise sounds. This app gives you all the sleep sounds you need if you prefer the sound of Pink noise to sleep to. Pink noise provides an ambient noise that will help you relax and fall asleep. Now you can take the sound of Pink noise wherever you go, in the palm of your hand with this all new, free Pink noise app!

Pink noise is a great sound machine for sleep or simply relaxing any time, anywhere. At night simply choose the Pink noise sound you find most calming, set the timer, and be lulled to sleep by the relaxing sound of Pink noise. Your phone will play the sound continuously while plugged in and the timer will stop when the time is up. Now you never have to worry about carrying your sound machine with you because you will always have the Pink Noise app! Use Pink Noise while traveling and never have to worry about forgetting your sound generator again! Pink Noise gives you one less thing to worry about with calming noises that go with you anywhere you phone does. Pink Noise provides the best variety of sleeping sounds so you are sure to find the one that is the perfect fit for you!

Use Pink Noise for infants or puppies. While Pink noise is simply noise, it provides a calming effect that will better help your baby or puppy relax and fall asleep faster without all the fuss. Pink noise is one of many color noise sounds to sleep to, and if you prefer Pink noise to white noise or pink noise then it’s time to give this app a try!

Pink noise is great for use in the office or at school. This sleep sound provides a calming sound that possesses a softer sound quality than that of white noise or pink noise. Simply set the timer and let Pink Noise help you relax and reduce your stress in the most natural way possible. Change the pitch of Pink noise as you see fit, there are 12 to choose from! Pink Noise provides more sound variations for the popular Pink noise sound than any other app!

Pink Noise is the best collection of free sleep sounds around! Simply choose your favorite sound and set the timer as you relax to the soothing, calming sound of Pink noise.

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