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Are you ready to enter the addicting and challenging world of card games?
Get ready and play Pinoy Game World!

Pinoy Game World is a fun, exciting, and breath-taking world of card games! It includes 2 of the most popular card games in the Philippines! The Tongits and Pontoon. Yes, you heard it right. In Pinoy Game World, you can play Tongits and Pontoon online in just one app.
What is Pontoon?
Pontoon is a card game which can be played by any number of players from 2 and up. It usually best played with 5 to 8 players with the use of a standard 52 card pack. For 8 and up players, two 52 card packs can be mixed together. The players use money or chips for betting in this game.
Pontoon Facts
1. The best hand of all is Pontoon, which is 21 points in 2 cards (can consist of Ace + a picture card or ten)
2. The next best card after Pontoon is a Five Card Trick, which consists of 5 cards which the total is 21 or less.
3. A hand of 3-4 cards which sum is 21 beats everything else except Pontoon and Five Card Trick.
4. Hand with 20 or fewer points and fewer than Five cards is ranked with their point value: the nearer to 21 is better.
5. Hand with more than 21 points are worthless.
Note: If the player and banker have equal valued hands, the banker wins.

√ It's a free online card game
√ It's a 2-in-1! 2 card games in 1 app
√ It's the first mobile app that combines Tongits and Pontoon!
√ It has a colorful and unique game interface
√ It's fun and addicting
√ It's easy and efficient to play
√ It's Accessible Anytime and Anywhere!

Explore and discover the card game world here in Pinoy Game World!

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