That’s the adventure to conquer the sea and the world!


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Oct 27, 2022
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Pirate Reborn GAME

Ringing echoes in the sky, cursed fire raining down on the grand line. What's the reason behind our sailing? To follow the great adventurer's will and realize dreams of freedom? To find the supreme power and his treasure? Or the justice in your heart, to protect this world of peaceful sea...
It's not a time to hesitate, Captain! It's time to begin our adventure, all your answers are on that throne of the last island...
[Recreate hundreds of epic characters]

All the epic characters are here, build your team from 4 different factions. Factions have team bonus plus tons of team build., Heroes can also equip haki skills to enhance their unique skill effects and combat efficiency.

[Highly smart weapon system]

Equipment have faction bonus as well. No worry about temporarily no required faction. Equipment can be enhanced and switched faction automatically.

[Share your highest hero level]

Tired of endless farming? Just put your new heroes into ship slots and immediately levelup! There's even more way to improve your combat efficiency.

[Multiple game modes plus X-server content]

Dozens of PvP and PvE game mods, plus X-server matchmaking system. Enjoy the game with your friends and even foes!
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