A simple app to display the frequency of an audio signal via Mic.

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Pitch Analyzer computes and displays, in real-time, the frequency of the audio input through the microphone with incredible precision and accuracy.

Ever wondered what's the pitch of your voice or any other tone? Using this app, you can find out the frequency of a tune or any other tone. It's a fun tool to find the Pitch value of any tone in Hertz. It'll be a helpful tool for those who want to tune their musical instruments.

The App can detect frequencies as low as 50 Hz to as much as 6000 Hz. This is entirely dependant on the device you use. The pitch shown depends on what your microphone perceives as the input. All calculations are made using that Audio. So, if you have a device with a microphone that cannot pickup or accurately record certain frequencies, the app might display it as "0 Hz", meaning no (valid) input. The detectable pitch range varies depending on that factor.

- Instant and Real-Time Analysis.
- Uses advanced audio processing algorithms that return the accurate result.
- Accurate in noisy environments too - isolates noise from the input before processing.
- Can detect any frequency that can be picked up by the device's microphone.

Known issues:
- On some devices, the reading may remain at 0Hz forever. This is a bug with the ROM and not an issue with the app.
- Sometimes, the app doesn't restart monitoring the frequency if it wasn't closed properly. In this case, force-stopping and restarting the app manually will make it work.

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