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NameKingdom Builder APK
Version2.8.5 (2008005)
UpdatedMar 01, 2019
DeveloperNo Corners
CategoryGames, Strategy

Pixel Kingdom Builder Game

Build up your kingdom and survive the nights!

Welcome to Pixel Kingdom Builder, where you build up your kingdom to form a powerful army.
- Over 35 million different troop compositions!
- Multiplayer! Challenge your friends and see who is better with army compositions!
- 63 + 35 Upgrade Levels per building! 189 + 105 In Total!
- 50 Different Units!
- Sandbox! Sharpen your skills on this new game type!
- Day/Night Cycle!
- 3 Save slots!
- A built-in unit guide!
- Enemy waves!
- Coin system! - Use coins to buy upgrades to help you progress!
Can you survive the nights?

How to Play:
Hold down on any building to upgrade it, avoid filling up your bar on the top left, once filled you'll have to wait 3 seconds before it to cool down. Try to keep the resource bar at 80-90% to have more than a 20% upgrade boost on your buildings.

Each night, an enemy wave will spawn. Your job is to build the right army to counter the enemy's army. You can read about the troops in the Instructions button, on the pause menu. You can even practice on the Sandbox, to help you get better with the different troops you encounter.
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