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GamesPixel Poly Sphere 3D Puzzle APK
DeveloperREDiska /
Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedFeb 21, 2019 (1 year ago)
Release dateJan 13, 2019 (1 year ago)

Prepare yourself to solve some pixel art puzzles in our new polyart simulator!

Prepare yourself to solve some pixel art puzzles in our new polyart simulator! Something has been broken into poly pixels and you are the one who will have to solve the puzzle and recover pixel art to its normal appearance. Improve your skills in polysphere of pixel art in our new puzzle. Just rotate sphere in which our poly pixels lays and recover the pixel art. Become the best in sphere of polyart and recover every pixel art we give you. This puzzle is your best choice for the first step in polysphere of pixel art. Download our new polyart simulator: Pixel Poly 3D Puzzle and start recovering spheres of pixel art.

In this polyart puzzle, you will have to recover the poly pixel art. Just rotate the polysphere until you will have the completed pixel art. Our polyart puzzle will introduce you of basics of poly pixel art. Improve your skills with each recovered pixel art. Solve every puzzle in our polyart simulator to become the master of pixel art polysphere. Solving those puzzles is not that easy as it looks like, so get ready to work with sphere of poly pixel art. Share this polyart simulator with your friends and find out who will complete more poly pixel art puzzles. Just rotate the sphere as fast as you can to prove your friends that you are the maser in this polysphere. Poly pixel art has never been so easy, so why do not you try yourself in this sphere?

Pixel Poly 3D Puzzle is a free to play polyart simulator, in which you will have to solve poly pixel art puzzles. Make your first step into the sphere of pixel art and improve your skills of polyart master. Recover every pixel art in our simulator and prove everyone that solving puzzles in polysphere of polyart is an easy task for you. Our new polyart puzzle can either be a good workout for your brain or a relaxing way to spend your free time in joy and calmness. Call your friends and together solve puzzles of our sphere, recover every pixel art in the simulator. Become the master of pixel art polysphere in our new simulator and enjoy the beauty of polyart.

Pixel Poly Sphere 3D Puzzle APK