The game has been developed for those who want to keep improving light.

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Important Note: Our game come despite making two shortcut closes with an error loading a single one of them. Other shortcuts are working smoothly. Developed by Pixel Run Bashar Software has been developed for those who want to shed light on Turkey to improve the game.
Aiming to improve your attention while having fun güncellenmektedir.o Pixel Run continuous advertising in the game in any way, besides being free, it is distracting content bulunmamaktadır.oyunu structure our game Temple Run.

We're trying to add a lot of features missing in our game it biliyoruz.eli feature of our ability.

If you would like to join you in we must have the following characteristics between the.

* 3D Max Studio software you need to know.
* C # Proglide but you must know the language.
* Java Script (Unity) need to know the programming language.
* Unity (5.0.2f) need to know the game engine.
* You need to know HTML programming language.
* Gentle, thoughtful, patient, you need to be willing. (Certainly be found.)
Simply having only one above the first five ingredients.
For your information level beginner, intermediate, to have to get high enough on the sixth item does not matter.

Good afternoon to everyone ---- Best Games

SIGNATURE ::: Başer Software

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Pixel Run Beta8

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