Pixelmon go catch them all. Become a Pokemon Master and close your Pokedex


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Mar 30, 2023

Pixelmon Craft Go Poke Battle GAME

Hello, friends! Install our new Pixelmon addons for Minecraft games and welcome to the Pokemon universe, where cute, kind and not so kind special creatures - Pokemon, as well as various items and game mechanics are added. Would you like to try yourself as a legendary pokemon trainer? If you download Pixelmon craft go poke battle for Minecraft, you will have a wonderful opportunity to catch them all, tame and collect a Pokimon with supernatural abilities and close your Pokedex or become a cool Pokemon Master, developing them, making pokemon duel and pokemon go battle, and completing pokemon quests. It is also possible to create pokemon evolution. In this catcher app, you will meet Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Eevee and others who have already fallen in love with everyone. For novice trainers, an excellent choice would be the calm and kind pakimon Pikachu, which, at will, can produce an electric charge of various strengths and more. Befriend this picachu in Pikachu Game as you explore the Pokemon world in Minecraft and build a powerful team of Pixelmons. Catch pixelmons using pokeballs. Find and tame the Squirtle who can perform water attacks. Obtain a Charmander in pokemon battle. This cute fire-type Pixel mon can make fire attacks of various strengths, exhale fire from its mouth, and also attack with its claws. The level of flame at the tip of the tail indicates emotion and vitality. Learn Medjikarp jump. Encounter the aggressive and obnoxious Gyarados, leaping long distances from both water and land. Try to tame it and may the power of the Pokémon Master be with you! Intrigued? Then download our Pokemon Minecraft games mod and tame all kinds of pixel pokemons! Pokémon! I choose you! Step by step, choose an attack, revealing the true potential of your Pokémo in pokemon battle games and boldly go forward to victory with Pixelmon mobs for Minecraft pe 2023!
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