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Nazwa22 Shrutis in 500 Ragas APK
Wersja1.0 (1)
Zaktualizowano19 gru 2016
DeweloperDigital Chef
Instalacje10 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Muzyka i dźwięk

Aplikacja 22 Shrutis in 500 Ragas

Posłuchaj i grać 22 shrutis indyjskiej muzyki klasycznej. Uwagi o ponad 500 Ragas.

22 Shrutis are basic musical notes in Indian/Carnatic Classical Music. This app gives you ‘ready’ and ‘precise’ sounds of 12 notes of ET (European Equi-tempered) Scale, as well as 22 Shrutis (Indian Natural Scale), as used in 500 Ragas, with their frequencies (hz), from any selected Shadja (Fundamental Tone). A section for direct comparison of 12 ET notes and 22 Shrutis is also included. This app can be used for tuning instruments and for practicing vocal/instrumental music.
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