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A to Z (Free)


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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaA to Z APK
Wersja1.08 (108)
Zaktualizowano20 cze 2016
KategoriaAplikacje, Edukacja

Aplikacja A to Z (Free)

An Addict Game A to Z

Welcome to A to Z !!
A to Z is a game played with Alphabet Letter
Suitable for all ages
Parents can purchase A to Z to help their children learning and recognizing English Alphabet
As the game time can be saved , everyone can compete A to Z with their friends , families ....

Game will start counting after game started , player should press the Alphabet button by ascending order as fast as they can , also we've provided the current Alphabet that the player needa press with. After the Z button has pressed , player can save their record to the High Score Board in Local and Internet (Require to install HeyZap)

Include 3 Level :
4 buttons
9 buttons
16 buttons

The more button , the more difficulties

I'm pleased to receive any comments from you .
Hope you guys enjoy my game

***** If you want to support my game, you can donate me through paypal at topleft corner *****

A to Z

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