Alex The Explorer - Educational Game For Kids APK

Alex The Explorer - Educational Game For Kids


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NazwaAlex APK
Wersja1.2.1 (12)
Zaktualizowano15 wrz 2020
DeweloperPaper Boat Apps
Instalacje50 000+
KategoriaGry, Edukacyjne

Gry Alex The Explorer - Educational Game For Kids

Zostań astronautą & More. Fly rakieta pomóc cudzoziemców, wyrównać Planety i wiele więcej

Alex is a multi talented adventurer.

He imparts a beautiful message that kids can be whoever they want to be. With Alex The Explorer, Kids will step in the shoes of Alex & play the role of a friendly Handyman, an adventurous Astronaut and a talented Pet Doctor for sea creatures.

Children will not only play and enjoy all these different roles but will learn a lot from the educational content in the various activities they will do in the game.

As a handyman, they will help out cute animals with their house related issues. Kids will paint fences, change light bulbs, fix a tree house & much more. As a handyman, kids will do the tasks of a plumber, gardener, electrician, carpenter and much more. Helping out the animals within the house as a handyman, kids will feel really happy and rewarded.

As an astronaut, kids will explore the universe. They will make their own spaceships and fly them in space. They will have to rescue aliens and take them back to their planets. As an astronaut, they also have to save the space centre from a meteor attack. Kids will enjoy the educational activities such as learning how secondary colors are made from mixing primary colors, learning about constellations in the sky, learning about planets in the solar system and many more.

As a Pet Doctor for Sea Creatures, kids will explore the majestic aquatic world and interact with many delightful animals. There are many educational activities within which kids will perform as Pet Doctor. They will help to unclog a whale’s spout so it can breathe again, they will remove insect from the starfish, clean a shark’s teeth, treat a hurt dolphin and much more.

Key Features:

* Teaches kids about various household tools and how they are used for different purposes
* Explore space, aliens, planets & more
* Insight into various delightful sea creatures
* Brilliant artwork, marvelous animation and fantastic sound effects make it an engaging game to play.
* The educational app has been simplified to make the interface kid-friendly.
* The app is free to try and there is a one-time cost to unlock more content within the game.

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