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7 lut 2018

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The description of Anti Revoke:
Sadly, although we are grateful for the release of TweakBox and all it contains, it isn’t as easy to use the apps as it was through Cydia. This is because the app certificates are not signed by Apple and will expire every 7 days. Apple verifies the certificates in use and revokes all that are not valid on a regular basis, leaving app users having to reinstall the apps to get them working again. With Anti Revoke though, we can put a stop to that.

What is Anti Revoke ?
Start revoking permissions to tweakbox and other cool apps with Anti Revoke for FREE. is a blocking tool that installs a VPN onto your iPhone or iPad. When Anti Revoke installed, it will always work while your device is switched on, Anti Revoke will provide full time protection against attempts to verify and revoke app certificates.

ABOUT Anti Revoke (certificates)
This Free app, Anti Revoke will help you protect your apps. Anti Revoke is the best block verification app ever !
Anti Revoke only works on the apps running on your device at the time of installation, however Anti Revoke can be updated to provide support for those installed afterward. You do not need to jailbreak, nor do you need to worry about your device slowing down as Anti Revoke is not resource-heavy.

HOW TO USE Anti Revoke
There are two ways for you to download Anti Revoke onto your iPhone or iPad. Do make sure you follow the steps exactly as written otherwise we cannot guarantee success. One word of advice , Anti Revoke will only work on apps that are installed and running on your device at the time of installation.

Tweak installers provide access to some of the best Cydia content but the problem is, some of the apps would crash and others had their certificates revoked by Apple, something that never happened with those downloaded from Cydia. That all changes with Anti Revoke VPN, a certificate that, once installed, allows you to keep all those third-party modified apps forever. Next, we are going to show you how to download Anti Revoke on your iOS device.

Anti Revoke certificate verification blocker :
1 - Anti Revoke Registration
Create an account and invite any of your friends, family members, partner or anyone you like for one of the most stable and quality Anti Revoke app!

2 - Nice & Simple Design
Anti Revoke block verification VPN app doesn’t want to limit users and to prevent them from accesing tweakbox installers in any form. Thus, No Fees are charged. With Anti Revoke installer, Time to enjoy good tweaks


- Anti Revoke has been selected to give the best user experience and make it the best Anti Revoke app.
- Anti Revoke has beautiful and very high quality graphics in the most brilliant installer app!

- We care about you and that's why we made our Anti Revoke app very easy to use, everything will be explained step by step in this Anti Revoke app! And the best thing is that kids can also use our app and enjoy it because it’s pretty simple.

- Anti Revoke Is free and it will stay free for life, so there’s no hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription fees to enjoy the best installer market in the store.

- Want to use our Anti Revoke app anywhere? It’s possible, because our game is compatible with all android devices, so you can enjoy it on your small android phone, smartphone or even tablet! Enjoy!

If you are using TweakBox as a means to downloading your favorite tweaks and apps, including ++ modified apps, then you definitely need to install Anti Revoke as well. Without it, you will be forever facing reactivation issues as Apple will forever be revoking the app certificates.
Do yourself a favor and download AntiRevoke today, it will save you a lot of trouble later on down the line.
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