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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaBSystem APK
Wersja2.0.2 (3145743)
Zaktualizowano11 cze 2021
Instalacje5 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Narzędzia

Aplikacja BSystem - Online development support

Application to support financial development for newbies in the online field

BSystem is the first system in Vietnam built on the cloud platform to help users entertain and earn money in many forms.

BSystem uses BCoin digital currency in all system functions. Users have many ways to earn BCoin through system rewards. BCoin is anchored with a minimum value (>=) of 1 VND and is backed 1:1 with real assets.

With many amenities:
- Get a FREE gift box: Contains a certain amount of BCoin.
- BCoin Wallet: Asset tracking statistics and BCoin Conversion into valuable rewards in the REWARDS section. Race TOP and Refer friends to get Free BCoin today.
- Wheel of Fortune: Entertain and receive rewards after each spin.
- Store digital assets: BCoin, FBAccount, ....
- Accumulate funds: Investment channel and passive earning up to 20%.
- Daily Mission: BCoin Reward.
- Buy/Sell/Exchange BCoin easily online or through agents and users 24/7.
- Utilities that support making money from many other platforms such as Golike, Hana, ....

BSystem with the desire to help you optimize your life, bring financial benefits and skills to you in all aspects, especially on the online platform.

*Note: This is not the main job. Consider it a place to help you both entertain and optimize your life and increase your personal income in your free time.

Wish you success and wish the BOSSHIE community to grow stronger day by day.
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