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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaDa Fit APK
Wersjav2.0.0-374-g60999da1 (8177)
Zaktualizowano24 gru 2021
Instalacje10 000 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Sport

Aplikacja Da Fit

Platforma zarządzania Twoimi osobistymi danymi dotyczącymi zdrowia.

The main features of Da Fit include:
1.Health data display: Da Fit records data relevant to your physical condition such as steps taken, sleep hours, heart rate, calories burned, ECG, and SpO2, while also provides you with professional interpretations over these data;
2.Exercise data analysis: Da Fit is also able to record while you exercise, and will display various data, including a detailed route and various exercise data analysis afterwards;
3.Smart device management assistant: Da Fit can be used to manage the settings for smart devices, such as notification management, watch face replacement, widget sorting, incoming call notification setup and SMS notification setup.
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