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Fido - Online Loans App Ghana

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Aplikacja Fido - Online Loans App Ghana

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Need to borrow money in Ghana to pay fees?
Join millions of satisfied Fido customers and get access to small loans right into your mobile money wallet.
Licensed by the Bank of Ghana.

Why get a Fido loan?
👍 Apply on your phone; anytime, anywhere.
👍 Receive a loan request decision within minutes.
👍 No hidden fees, all costs are displayed in the app.
👍 No paperwork, No waiting in bank queues.
👍 No collateral & No guarantor.
👍 Money is disbursed instantly.

What do you get with Fido?
✓ Receive up to GHS200 for your first loan
✓ Your loan amount is increased every time you repay on time, up to a maximum of GHS1,000
✓ As the loan increases, we decrease the interest rate and offer installment options
✓ Interest rate and total amount to repay are displayed in the app

What do you need to apply?
✓ A valid ID (New and Old Voter’s ID, Driver’s license & Passport)
✓ A mobile money account registered in your own name
✓ We accept MTN & Vodafone mobile money wallets
✓ Be a resident of Ghana, over 18 years of age

How to Apply?
✓ Download the app and fill in your details only once. For subsequent applications, you only need to confirm your details
✓ Receive an immediate loan decision
✓ If approved, you will receive the money instantly into your mobile money account
✓ Minimum Repayment period : 33 days
✓ Maximum Repayment period : 180 days

How to repay?
✓ If you owe, log into the FIDO app, select the 'Make a Payment' button and follow prompts.
✓ You can also dial *711*666# to repay.
✓For other options like using the MTN, AirtelTigo and Vodafone menus, find the repayment process in the Fido App 'Help' section.
✓ Repay on time and be eligible to take another loan.

Dos and Don’ts- Fido Loan Application
✓Don’t use a mobile money number that does not belong to you.
✓Don’t use someone’s ID card.
✓Don’t use names that are not on the ID card or shorten it (Ex. Do not write Abiba❌ if the name on your ID is Abibatu✔)
✓Don’t use an ID card that has spelling mistakes or the wrong date of birth. Contact your service provider to correct the error before applying again.
✓Don’t apply for someone else.

✓Ensure that you type your correct ID number
✓Ensure that you type the mobile money number correctly
✓Ensure that the date of birth you select is correct, and it’s the same as the date of birth on the ID
✓Ensure that there are no mistakes with the name and date of birth on the ID card you want to use for the application
✓Ensure to repay your loan on time to continue doing business with Fido

Fido Micro Credit (Fido) is a licensed financial institution by the Bank of Ghana, providing credit to eligible borrowers, especially SMEs in Ghana.

Flexible repayment terms are chosen by the applicant, payable in one or multiple installments, depending on eligibility. The loans are intended to assist micro-entrepreneurs with working capital to grow their businesses, and not to service long-term debt obligations.

Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 71%. This is based on an interest set to 0.266% per day and decreases with good repayment behavior. The fee per loan is GHS 14.

Representative Example:
A borrower may take up to GHS1,000 with declining principal, at a rate of 0.266% interest per day.
The representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for such loan, including all interest and fee costs, is 71%. However, this rate is for reference only. Fido loans are not repaid annually and do not compound interest and are not eligible for extension or refinancing beyond the stated term.

Contact us on 0242436885 or for more details

You can be assured of data privacy with Fido
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