Flip Out - Parkour Backflip Simulator APK

Flip Out - Parkour Backflip Simulator


Wykonuj parkour Backflipy i Frontflipy używając fizyki!


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28 lut 2022
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Gry Flip Out - Parkour Backflip Simulator

Flip Out Features
* Do backflips and frontflips!
* Physics driven parkour
* Gain XP and unlock new flips
* Customize your character
* Fun locations
* Freeplay Mode

Get creative and complete fun levels! Unlock new parkour locations to do flips in. As your skills improve, do backflips and frontflips to collect coins and unlock cool items to customize your character. As you play you'll also earn XP for every backflip and frontflip you land to unlock new and more difficult parkour flips. With physics behind the parkour inspired gameplay, you're in for a flipping good time! All new backflip types and levels have been developed for version 2.0, including the ability to swing on bars. So you can now do frontflips or backflips off of bars! Just like you see in parkour!

This game is still being developed and feedback is welcome. If you would like to have an opinion on the direction of the games development, join the discord and post your thoughts. As the developer, I want to hear from (you) the players where the game could improve.

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You can also get in touch with me on twitter.

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