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Ostatnia Wersja

Nazwa@string/app_name APK
Wersja3.0.4 (24)
Zaktualizowano28 lis 2018
Instalacje100 000+
KategoriaGry, Zręcznościowe

Gry Game Center

Klasyczny, Zabawa, Uprawa i zbiór zręcznościowa gra logiczna.

This is a game app with tens of free games!
The number of games is growing every week, the goal is 100 in 1 .
You can play a variety of different games through one game pack, and all games are completely free.

Game Center Features:
✪ This is a best practice of Ipad Game, Major update completed.
✪ You can play a variety of different games through one app.
✪ Including classic arcade games, puzzle games, sports games and more.
✪ We have tens of games now, The goal is 100 in 1.
✪ More games are being developed, And all games are completely free.
✪ Simple operation and game rules for everyone, including novices.
✪ Suitable for children, Not containing any violent or unsettling elements.
✪ Get push information for new games, Save search time。
✪ Finger touch to download, eliminating the tedious process login verification.
✪ Easy game, we can play a game at any time.
✪ Support both mobiles and tablets.
✪ Global leaderboards. Contest with your friends.

Game increase log:
24/12/2018----------add game “Rainbow Tower”, 25 in 1
16/12/2018----------add game “Memory Match“, 24 in 1
6/12/2018----------add game “Crossroads”, 23 in 1
23/11/2018----------add game ”HomeRun“, 22 in 1
6/11/2018----------add game “Archery”, 21 in 1
24/10/2018----------add game ”Bouncy Dunks“, 20 in 1
16/10/2018----------add game “Block Hit”, 19 in 1
9/10/2018----------add game ”Sky Dive“, 18 in 1
20/9/2018----------add game “Basketball”, 17 in 1
12/9/2018----------add game ”Sudoku“, 16 in 1
23/8/2018----------add game “Road Fighter”, 15 in 1
10/8/2018----------add game ”Flying Knife“, 14 in 1
26/7/2018----------add game “One Line”, 13 in 1
16/7/2018----------add game ”Block Puzzle“, 12 in 1
10/7/2018----------add game “Push Box”, 11 in 1
2/7/2018----------add game ”Jump Ball“, 10 in 1
13/6/2018 9 in 1
“Snake”, “Galaxian”, “Jump Forever”, “Downhill”, “1010 Block Puzzle”, “Sorting”, “2048 Evolution”, “Connet”, “Unblock Car”
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