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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaStatus Saver APK
Wersja1.0 (3)
Zaktualizowano09 sty 2022
DeweloperEnterwise solution
Instalacje500 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Społeczności

Aplikacja GB Version 22.0

Gb Version 22 to aplikacja posiadająca te same funkcje co yo wasahp i GB Wasahp

GB Version 22.0 is an application which got almost the same features as yo Wasahp and GB Wasahp
This application is a helper to get the wasahp application. This is a helper to download a communication service app in order for you to stay connected with your family and friends, we want you to get the most exclusive features to astonish your friends with some hidden extension that only are available on the Gb wasahp plus

-See your desired statuses.
-Come back to status saver app and pull down to refresh.
-That’s it, now download or share your statuses with friends

Status Saver For Whatsapp is here to help you download or share friend’s statuses in just one click. You can save your desired image or video statues in your gallery or you can share with friends directly within the whatsapp status app. Whatsapp status saver has its own media player so you can play your desired video status within app and also download or share those videos with friends. You don’t need internet to use whatsapp status saver app it is totally offline.
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