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GeoGebra 3D Calculator


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NazwaGrafika 3D APK, 3D Calculator APK
Wersja5.0.668.0 (6682)
Zaktualizowano05 paź 2021
Instalacje1 000 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Edukacja

Aplikacja GeoGebra 3D Calculator

Graph 3D functions, plot surfaces and do 3D geometry with our free 3D Grapher

Easily solve 3D math problems, graph 3D functions and surfaces, create geometric constructions in 3D, save and share your results. With Augmented Reality enabled, you can place math objects on any surface and walk around them! Millions of people around the world use GeoGebra to learn mathematics and science. Join us: Dynamic Mathematics for everyone!

• Plot f(x,y) functions and parametric surfaces
• Create solids, spheres, planes and many more 3D objects
• Get intersection points and cross-sections
• Experience sliders, points, graphs and geometry all working together
• Search for free learning activities directly from our app
• Save and share your results with friends and teachers

We’d love to hear from you: send us your questions or feedback via Twitter @geogebra or to
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