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Ostatnia Wersja

Wersja1.1.3 (113)
Zaktualizowano14 lis 2020
Instalacje1 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Rozrywka

Aplikacja Hanze3 Radio - راديو هنذيع

Hanze3 to pierwsze radio internetowe na świecie, które pozwala być spikerem

Always we like to join any live radio program to speak and chat, but unforunately not almost available cause of rush hours or not able to reach to them or shyness.

- so we think to create our mobile application (Hanze3), to be the first app in the world that allows to anyone to be an announcer (imagine this) and share all of his thoughts ( speaks & chat & share& do everything he love) and will found and create his fans.
- Also you can invite your friends to your live program and enjoy.
- All the time you will listen to the best songs in the world.
- you can upload you podcasts and share it at any app.
- you can share your live programs at any social platform through your account in our app.
- You can chat with anyone on the app at any time.
- you have the oprion to block any annoyed person.
- you can send a push notification to anyone at any time to notify him to be ready and enjoy !
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