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Traditional.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander place names across Australia

Indigenous Place Names App Copyright © 2019 Noel Downs. All rights reserved. Only the App is coverered by this copyright. All the place name data in this app is available in the public domain. Please note: Some features will have multiple names (e.g. mountains, rivers and creeks that can be seen by multiple communities over a great distance from different directions. Also different sections of a river or creek may also have different names). Some names may also have multiple pronuciations due to regional and dialect differences and inflections of speech. Although the names on this map are all shown as points, the names often will refer to a feature, eg a creek, river or mountain, and areas of an undefined size. This version has focused only on traditional place names. One of the difficulties is much of the information was gathered between 1830 - 1901. Not everyone collected the same level of detail or clarified if it was the traditional name or just an Aboriginal word used to name something or some where. By the middle of the 1800s the colonials were regularly using Aboriginal words with a sound and discription they found pleasing to name places and features around them without heed to which language it came from. An example is Amaroo, meaning beautiful place, is a word from the ACT used in many locations over Australia Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy based on information available. If there are errors or additions to be corrected please contact Noel Downs at
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