Jav Idol Lovers ; Prove that you really are a fan of Jav Idol


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22 sie 2020

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Jav Idol Lovers GAME

Jav Idol Lovers is a simple and nice game

Reveal the picture, name the jav idol & collect stars in this pop culture game!

Guess the jav idol from photos and show off your movies knowledge with idol Guess!

Learn idol trivia and earn points for naming the Jav idol based on how fast and clever you are.

In this photo guessing game, you’ll guess the Jav Idol from the pic the game gives you and win!

Guess the person and learn Jav Idol trivia wherever you are, even with no WIFI! If you can guess the picture, you can play.

Download Jav Idol lovers today!


Guess the Jav idol picture
- Picture games with a movie culture twist.
- Guess the picture to earn points and show off your jav idol knowledge!
- Learn Jav Idol trivia and points for the challenges you complete.

Guess Who?
- Each photo guessing game slowly reveals a Jav idol photo.
- Predict the name.
- Guess the person to win!

Jav idol Trivia
- Reveal celebrity idol photos and guess who they are movie star.

Offline Games
Test your Idol knowledge and play anywhere, even if you have no WIFI connection.

Guess the person, challenge your friends and show off your pop culture trivia skills. Download Jav Idol Lovers today!

Disclaimer: We do not own rights to the photos used in this game. All photos were obtained from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons.

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