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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaKing Kong Brothers APK
Wersja1.2 (3)
Zaktualizowano13 sie 2016
DeweloperKing Kong DD
KategoriaGry, Zręcznościowe

Gry King Kong Brothers

Donkey Kong comes to Android

King Kong Brothers is a 2D platform game, copied directly from the classic Donkey Kong Country 2, in which the you play the role of a gorilla that has to embark on an adventure to fight against the evil crocodile pirates.

The gameplay is similar to that of the classic 2D platform games in which you simply have to advance in a straight line, kill all the enemies that get in your way, and jump to dodge obstacles.

The game has a series of increasingly difficult levels that are full of danger, in which you'll have to show your skill at pressing the right buttons. Luckily, the commands are very precise, and while they can't be compared to the real thing, they are convenient enough to use.

King Kong Brothers is an outstanding platform game in which you can relive the greatest moments in videogame history directly from your Android device. It is a pearl.
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