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Kongfu Books — Free Reading, Free World!

Download Kongfu Books to read novels belonging to different genres such as CEO Romance, Werewolf sagas, Teen fictions, Arranged Marriage, Flash Marriages and more absolutely for FREE. We are proud to host and curate novels written especially for our audience. With our contests and authors' benefit program, we offer exciting incentives for our authors to write on the app! What are you waiting for? Download the app NOW.

1. Curated Novels

Kongfu Books is proud to host and curate novels belonging to different genres such as CEO Romance, Vampire-Werewolf stories, supernatural fantasies, arrange marriages, flash marriages among others. Our novels are not only entertaining but also free for the readers to consume.

Keeping the wishes of the readers in mind, Kongfu Books curates and recommends different original and translated novels for our millions of readers.

2. Community Page

Ours is an app that people spend hours and hours in just to get entertained and we are extremely privileged and honoured to have their support. With our engaging community section, the app has developed itself into a multi-media platform for the users to not just consume content, but to share incredible ideas.

No matter where the users come from, all the readers and writers interact on our community page to discuss the novels and characters they love. With Kongfu Books, you don’t only get entertained, but you become a part of a family of millions of like-minded individuals scattered all around the world.

3. Authors’ Benefit Programs

Kongfu Books supports our authors, not just emotionally, but we also reimburse them for their work generated on our app. We provide exclusive contracts to our authors with which they can earn a handsome amount of money, and we also share with them the profits they get from the tips earned or the profits incurred by the app.

With Kongfu Books, authors can reach a new level of fame possible only by the digital revolution that the world has witnessed recently. Their novels, with the help of their loyal readers, can reach every CORNER of the world, no matter how remote that place is.

Flash Marriage
Priceless Wife: Flash Marriage Husband is Super Strong

"Honey, what do you think is my greatest advantage?" "Excellent physical condition." "What about the shortcomings?" "Too long." An Xiaotu thought that her Flash Marriage husband was just an ordinary man. Nevertheless, the man changed into a rich and powerful man. "Honey, we call a truce tonight." She supported her sore waist and her softened legs, begging for mercy.

CEO Romance
From Love to Marriage: Pretty Young Cute Wife Can

In order to help her husband's career, when she got married, Gu Qingli took hundreds of millions of dowry to him. In the end, her husband told her that he liked her half-sister. And she divorced without property? Gu Qingli decided to retaliate. But in the process, she unexpectedly met the bossy president. The two cuddly kids of the Xi family liked her very much and wanted her to be their mother? Love always finds a way through hatred or a bossy CEO.

Fated To Be a Lord's Mate

Emily Jones is a Half Werewolf Girl, her Mother is a werewolf and her father is a human, who later found out that she is fated to be a mate of Werewolf Alpha Jack Peterberg. After Giving herself fully to the werewolf Lord, next day she found out that she was just a necessary tool to the Lord — there was no mutual love between them. What will she do next...... Two souls which are connected through a dream and a mate bond, where will there fate take them?

His Human Mate

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