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Ostatnia Wersja

Wersja0.9.2 (176)
Zaktualizowano09 lis 2018
DeweloperSteven kartiko
KategoriaAplikacje, Muzyka i dźwięk

Aplikacja Lava Music

Lava to najmodniejsza nowa aplikacja do strumieniowego przesyłania muzyki.

Lava brings you all your favorite songs. Get daily recommendations specially made for you, based on what YOU want to listen to. It's an amazing tool not just for finding your favorite songs but new trends too! Lava connects you to your favorite songs as well as to music lovers everywhere.

- Discover
Find your favorite songs, both old and new, so easily.

- Ads-free
No ads in between your songs, so you can enjoy your songs without being disturbed.

- Daily mix of your taste
Want to start your day happier? Get a dose of daily music recommendations by Lava!

- Community
See opinions of other music lovers who enjoy the same music that you do.
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