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11 kwi 2019

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Learn By Heart APP

This app helps you memorize stuff. Create your own quizzes, memorize exactly what you need to remember. Run tests to check your knowledge. Not sure whether you will remember an answer in a few minutes? Select to repeat the question after a few other questions. Memorized the answer for now, but unsure about tomorrow? Request to present the question again in a few days.

Quizzes could also serve as a reference database. It is easy to find any questions or answers using a keyword.

It is possible to attach images to questions or answers. Taking a photo, attaching it to the question or answer, and presenting it when needed could be priceless, because this could help explain stuff much quicker, and no need to type. In addition, use hands free audio training to train yourself on the go. The app reads you questions and answers aloud with a pause in between. This way, you could study while on the go, driving your car, or sitting in the bus. It only reads the currently due items, therefore, you don't have to listen again and again to those that you have already memorized.
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