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Aplikacja Math Formula for 11th 12th

Ta aplikacja zawiera wszystkie formuły matematycznej. Przydatne dla klasy 11 i 12 studentów

Math Formula for Intermediate

This App consolidated all Math Formula required For Intermediate Student.
Extremely Useful for the students preparing for JEE main , JEE Advance , BITSAT , MHTCET , EAMCET , KCET , UPTU (UPSEE), WBJEE , VITEEE and IIT and all other Engineering Entrance Exam .
This app cover all the topic of NCERT and CBSE board also.
This app is also useful for those also who are preparing for Air force and NDA (national defense academy) exam.

Simple Interface : easily navigate to any topic.
Dark mode support : for easy reading in night
Mathematical Formulas and identity equations arranged in most useful way.

Please email us at "" to add any new formulas or suggestions or topics.

The App covers topics

-- Set Theory
-- Relation and Function
-- Sequence and Series
-- Complex Number
-- De-Moviers Theorem
-- Quadratic equation
-- Theory of Equations
-- Statistics
-- Permutation and Combination
-- Binomial Theorem
-- Exponential and logarithmic series
-- Determinants
-- Matrices
-- Probability
-- Trigonometry Ratios
-- Trigonometric Equations
-- Solutions of Triangle
-- Inverse Trigonometric function
-- Function and Graphs
-- Limit and Continuity
-- Differential Calculus
-- Application of Derivative
-- Integration
-- Definite Integration
-- Application of Integration
-- Differential Equations
-- Co-ordinate geometry
-- Straight Line and Pair of Straight of Line
-- Circle
-- Ellipse
-- Hyperbola
-- 3 dimensional geometry
-- Straight line in space
-- The plane
-- Vector
-- Vector product
-- Triple Product of Vectors
-- Logarithm

Math Formulas - a must have app for your smartphones and tablets.
Please RATE & SHARE this App as it is free :-)
The app is continuously updated with latest details and added with new topics frequently.
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