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Ostatnia Wersja

Wersja2.5.0 (69)
Zaktualizowano28 mar 2017
DeweloperMcDonald's Restaurants Pte Ltd
KategoriaAplikacje, Styl życia

Aplikacja McDonald’s® Surprise Alarm

McDonald's® Surprise AlarmWaking up is now more rewarding than ever with the McDonald's® Surprise Alarm App

McDonald's® Surprise AlarmWaking up is now more rewarding than ever with the McDonald's® Surprise Alarm App. It’s an alarm app like no other because it doesn’t just wake you up - it makes you WANT TO WAKE UP. In fact,you’ll never hit that snooze button again once you find out what we have in store for you when you wake up.Expect exciting surprises with your first alarm of the day, every day. We’ve lined up lots of surprises to help you wake up happy, ranging from yummy McDonald’s food offers to fun and quirkyentertainment. If you like, even your alarm tone could be a surprise. The only thing you can expect is the unexpected.So download the app now, set an alarm and mornings will never be the same again!Features:
- A special surprise from McDonald’s every day, when you set your alarm

- The surprise wallet stores all your fun content, food coupons and much more

- Gifting feature to giveaway food & beverage coupons to your Facebook friends when you connect with your Facebook account
- Flexible alarm setting allows you to select the days of the week you would like your alarm to repeat on
- Wake up happy to different alarm tones every day or with your favorite music saved on your smartphone
- Surprise Alarm mailbox to receive the latest promotions and news from McDonald’s®
- Snooze button

- Store locatorPlease note:
- An internet connection is required to receive your surprise.
- You can only receive one surprise a day.
- This version does not support the setting of multiple alarms.Battery saving mode:
Please note that battery saving features may impair the functionality of McDonald's® Surprise Alarm and other 3rd party alarm clocks on the Google Play Store. You may wish to deactivate your batterysaving mode while you have an active alarm with McDonald's® Surprise Alarm.
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