New multiplayer exploration game.


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9 paź 2017

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New Exploration Pro 2018 GAME

Start crafting with your friends or by yourself. Switch between single player and multiplayer in this endless 3d adventure. Craft literally anything – starting with a home and up to the finest of details – kitchen table or a lamp.
Different game mods – Survival or Creative.
Start surviving! On this mode, you need to make every possible effort to make it for another day. Hunt animals and be aware of the zombies so you can keep on crafting. Place different blocks and tame the animals – you can create everything that comes to your mind. Let your imagination run free here in this fun environment.
Start crafting in creative mode. Fear no more from all the spiders and mobs. You can be certain that no one is coming to hurt you. In this mode, you can just take your time and build things for the sake of building them and creating fun stuff. Choose from diverse types of building blocks, so you can create different objects or buildings. Find boxes or other cool things that you can later gather together.
Play against your friends or by yourself. You can craft with others or just do things by yourself. Here you can also choose between the 2 modes, depending on the server you choose. Each server has its own guidelines and gaming mode – just read it and have fun.
Choose your world – there are 5 different worlds to start with when you open the game. You can create a new one in no time. You can also switch at any given time between the game mod in that specific world. Look at the map, by clicking the map icon, so you can know where exactly you are located inside this endless environment. You can also click on the binoculars icon so you can see for far away. Click on the chat icon if you wish to start a conversation with others who surround you.
Press on the rocket icon if you wish to fly. Flying is available at all game options and everywhere.
Be in different environments – you can spend your time in a cold snowy environment or even at a hot desert. Switch between different terrains as you continue to explore the world.
Discover animals that share the space with you. You can tame them or hunt them, so they will provide you with ingredients that can assist you.
Feel free to leave your feedbacks. Thank you.
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